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Pilates and posture!

In my mid 30s I fell in love with running without understanding the complexities of a good running gait. Injuries ensued leading a physio to recommend Pilates. I struggled with the rolling back and rolling up exercises. I spoke with my Pilates teacher who told me I was hyper lordotic. Having replaced my love of running with a love of Pilates, I retrained to become a Pilates teacher.

The training involved lots of deep analysis of the two main postural types.

Lordosis is an exaggerated curve of the lumbar spine. Kyphosis is an over curving of the thoracic vertebra.

Lordosis can be genetic, but also affects dancers and gymnasts, pregnant woman and overweight people.

Kyphosis can be genetic or environmental and can be present in office workers, tall people and the elderly.

Pilates with so many exercises that target the muscles of the trunk, combined with reinforcement of proper posture helps to alleviate the causes and symptoms of modern day inherited and environmental postural deviations. As a form of exercise it's prehabilitive as well as rehabilitative.

Join me on the mat to experience the many benefits of Pilates, physically and emotionally!

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