What it is like to be a full time Yoga and Pilates teacher.

How do you transition from a student with a love of Pilates, Yoga or fitness to making it your job? From my personal experience it took commitment, hard work, dedication and time.

When I first started practicing Pilates, I didn't have a background in sport, fitness or dance. My Pilates teacher told me to sit at the front of the class, due to my severe lordotic posture and "capabilities",

I practiced and practiced and I went to so many different classes, I cross trained, I enlisted a PT, and I realised how fitness was empowering and I also discovered Yoga properly by learning to breathe.

I decided to take a Pilates teacher training course and I was determined to make it work....I wanted this to be my job, to teach others to connect with and love Pilates and Yoga.

I had made so many friends and connections from years of going to the gym and classes and that network was the springboard that enabled me to start teaching.

I practiced Yoga at Rapha and when Danny the Yoga teacher was going away, I offered to cover by teaching Pilates -he agreed and that was my first ever class ~ throwing myself in at the deep end, teaching Pilates in a beautiful studio, to a room full of semi -professional cyclists.

I stayed with my full time job as I built classes, connections and community. Straight away I knew how much I loved teaching ~ prepping classes, practicing , learning, engaging and connecting with everyone.

I began with cover classes often very, very early in the morning or late in the evening. I would start work in my job at 10am and some evenings get in at 10pm, I would work all day, teach classes on my lunch break and after work visit 1-1s, teach more classes and then finally make it home.

The cover classes became permanent classes.. I often worked seven days a week, with anti social hours but I knew it was towards a goal of doing what I love as my full time job. Once I began to get permanent classes more followed and with my Yoga teacher training I could generate more classes. I was able to build up to fifteen classes a week, which I felt, for me was the number of classes I needed, plus private and corporate clients to become a full time teacher.

It really is the best thing, to do what you love. Each day is different and being able to teach Yoga as well as Pilates varies my job. I teach in boutique gyms, in nationwide gyms, in Yoga studios, to corporate clients and have my own online class schedule which I teach every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

As a Yoga and Pilates teacher I have freedoms, creativity and connection to what I love...

I always say if you want to be a Yoga or Pilates teacher~ pursue it and make it happen, it will be the best thing you do.



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