Pilates in a Post Lockdown World



As we emerge from lockdown, it appears obvious that online Pilates and Yoga classes taught via Zoom, are here to stay. Practitioners tell me they love the convenience the classes offer and that they have been able to create momentum with the classes and practice around their schedule with flexibility.

Furthermore class recordings enable an 'on demand" aspect, meaning you can practice anytime. It is also clear that strength, flexibility, focus and emotional wellness can be built and sustained with home practice. The lack of travel time enables us to create time for other pursuits.

As a teacher the classes enabled me to build and sustain a community online, which I loved. I know how important Yoga and Pilates are in my life and to be able to teach and learn during this time was so important, to engage and connect with everyone.

As much as some miss the studio and interpersonal connections, a blend of online and studio based classes appear to be the focus moving forward.I am going to continue to teach online Pilates, listening to input from everyone to find times that suit and offering on demand tailored videos, sustaining and growing our ever evolving Pilates community online.

I can't wait to stay connected with everyone!

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